Codesoft 2015

CODESOFT 2015 is now available with added features and enhancements:

  • Windows 10 Compatibility – CODESOFT 2015 was designed for use with the latest Windows operating system to allow users to print and design labels on a faster, safer platform.
  • New Network Activation Wizard Interface – Ensure accurate user activation with the new interface design for the Network Activation wizard, which helps users distinguish between single and network user activation.
  • Additional Barcode Symbology Support – CODESOFT 2015 includes support for Grid Matrix Code, a symbology designed specifically to encode Chinese characters, and for DotCode, a 2D symbology uniquely suited for high-speed, on-demand printing on labels or directly on products by laser etching.
  • Dynamic Formatting in Rich Text Fields – CODESOFT 2015 makes it easy to design visually-appealing, branded labels with dynamic formatting for variable information. Rich Text Fields (RTFs) now include added variable management for maximum flexibility.
  • Variable pick lists – CODESOFT 2015 offers another way to simplify your label designs with variable pick lists. CODESOFT 2015 now allows different pick lists to be displayed depending on which database record is selected.
  • GridField – CODESOFT 2015 allows users to add multiple database records to one label, increasing the ability to create forms and documents, including packing slips, Bill of Materials, and product receipts.
  • PortWatch – CODESOFT 2015 includes enhanced PortWatch, enabling the user to print labels for an unknown quantity of weighed items.
  • Multi-Lingual Online Help Files – Context-sensitive online help files are now available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.


  • Companies that want to integrate label printing with their existing systems or automate printing
  • Companies that are printing data from large or complex systems
  • Companies that need to validate, audit, or secure their label printing system
  • Companies that are printing to a variety of Printer models and label stock
Which edition of CODESOFT is right for you? Pro is for users printing text, images, and bar codes on one to three printers. Enterprise is for users printing from databases and existing systems. Network is for users who want to manage licenses from a server.
Note: To run CODESOFT on a virtual machine, a VM license must be purchased.

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