• Companies that need check-in/check-out asset tracking, including identifying who has items and where items are currently located.
  • Companies that need inventory tracking, including creating and printing reports of the items and quantities in inventory.


BACKTRACK is a standalone asset and inventory tracking application that stores data in an SQL, Access, or Oracle database. Users can check items in or out and add or remove items using a Windows PC or Windows mobile device. Users can design and print labels from the PC to place on the items in need of tracking. BACKTRACK supports LABEL MATRIX, LABELVIEW, and CODESOFT for label design activities. BACKTRACK also has a powerful report designer that allows users to create and print custom reports.

BACKTRACK gives you the power to track the exact location, movement, and usage of any item accurately and efficiently. From file tracking to inventory control to tool and equipment tracking, there are no limits to the number or type of applications that BACKTRACK can handle.

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